To advance science and technology, a diverse community is paramount.  Past and current group members include members from the United States of America as well as the International community.   We aim to continually develop the next generation of researchers with particular emphasis on minority students.  Professor Clayborne is the principal investigator and currently mentors both undergraduate and graduate students.  To find out more, please view members below. 

Group Leader

Andre Z. Clayborne (PI) P10

Dr. Andre Z. Clayborne is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Howard University. Dr. Clayborne’s experience with computational methods dates back to 2002.  He held postdoctoral positions at the University of Jyväskylä (Finland), Argonne National Laboratory, and Kansas State University. His research interests include rational design and virtual screening of nanomaterials for catalysis and biological applications, with a focus on electronic structure methods.


Graduate Researchers

Nia Pollard  – Pursuing Ph.D. Chemistry

Project: Interfacial Chemistry of Nanoparticles, Chemical Education

We are looking for talented graduate researchers to join our group. Please contact Prof. Clayborne.



Undergraduate Researchers



Jaquesta Adams                        

Project: Investigations of Ligated Silicon Nitride Clusters

KW Professional Headshot


Kourtney Wallace                      

Project: Germanium One-dimensional Cluster Assemblies



Javoniel Trowers

Project: Electrochemical reduction on metal surfaces



Adebola Adeagbo

Project: Properties of copper nanoparticles


Oluwatobi (Tobi) Aderotoye   Project: Governmental Policy and Science
Jayla Morgan                                Project: Catalysis on Nanoparticles
Zhenhong Chen                            Project: Computational Chemistry
Arianna Boyd                                Project: Science and Education


We are not looking for talented undergraduate researchers at this time. Please check back in the Spring. 

Previous Clayborne Research Group Pictures

Clayborne Research Group Members Spring 2018 (from left to right): Prof. Clayborne, Sydnei Bullock, Oluwasheun Bello, Jaquesta Adams. (Not pictured: Jayla Adams, Alexia Moore, Nia Pollard)
Clayborne Research group 2017
Members of the Clayborne Group Summer 2017. Front (Left to Right): Lihn My Hoang, Dr. Clayborne, Kyung-Shin Suh. Middle: Abrar Alnafisah, Andy Frojd. Rear: Dung Nguyen, Tielyr Creason.