Former Members

Master and Predoctoral Students

Andrew Frojd, University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC), M.Sc. ’18 (After: United States Navy Officer)

Abrar Alnafisah, UMKC, 2017

Kyung-Shin Suh, UMKC, (2016 – 2017)

Undergraduate Researchers

Adebola Adeagbo, Howard University (2018 – 2020; B.Sc. ’20) (After: UT Austin, Chemical Engineering)

Jaquesta Adams, Howard University (2017 – 2020; B.Sc. ’20) (After: Graduate School U.C. Berkley, Chemistry)

Kachief Callender, Howard University (2020; B.Sc. ’20) (After: Graduate School, George Mason University, Chemistry)

Asif Mohiuddin, Howard University (2019-2020; B.Sc. ’20) (After: Graduate School, Howard University)

Joselyn Sixtos-Aguirre, Winston-Salem State University (BioNano Workshop Researcher 2019)

Anthony Funchess, Winston-Salem State University (BioNano Workshop Participant 2019; B.Sc. ’20 WSSU)

Oluwatobi Aderotoye, Howard University (2018 – 2019; B.Sc. ’19) (After: Teach for America)

Zhenhong Chen, Howard University, (2018 – 2019; B.Sc. ’19) (After: Graduate School John Hopkins University, Chemistry)

Jayla Morgan, Howard University, (2018; B.Sc. ’18) (After: Industry, Mérieux Nutrisciences (Illinois))

Arianna Boyd, Howard University (2018 – 2020)

Nia Pollard, Howard University (2018; B.Sc. ’18) (After: Graduate School George Mason University, Chemistry)

Alexia Moore, Howard University (2018; B.Sc. ’18) (After: Graduate School UC San Diego, Chemistry)

Javionel Trowers, Howard University (2018 – 2019)

Sydnei Bullock, Howard University (2017-2018; B.Sc. ’18) (After: Graduate School Howard University, Chemistry)

Kourtney Wallace, Howard University (2018 – 2019)

Oluwasheun Bello, Howard University (2017-2018; B.Sc. ’18)

Dung (Yung) Nguyen, UMKC (2016-2017; B.Sc. ’18) (After: Graduate School UMKC, Chemistry)

Tielyr Creason, UMKC (2016-2017; B.Sc. ’18) (After: Graduate School University of Oklahoma, Chemistry)

Lihn My Hoang, UMKC (2017)

Previous Clayborne Group Pictures

Clayborne Research Group Members Spring 2018 (from left to right): Prof. Clayborne, Sydnei Bullock, Oluwasheun Bello, Jaquesta Adams. (Not pictured: Jayla Adams, Alexia Moore, Nia Pollard)
Clayborne Research group 2017
Members of the Clayborne Group Summer 2017. Front (Left to Right): Lihn My Hoang, Dr. Clayborne, Kyung-Shin Suh. Middle: Abrar Alnafisah, Andy Frojd. Rear: Dung Nguyen, Tielyr Creason.